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The Yuki Collection

The Yuki collection was inspired by my Japanese heritage. These paintings represent the innocence found in humility, modesty, and connection to nature.

Prints and greeting cards are available in my shop! 
To purchase original paintings, please contact me directly via email. 


"The woman facing away from the viewer looks graceful but strong.  Her back is to us so it’s like she is doing something where we are just an observer, like we’re in a dream.
She is scattering sakura blossoms.  They’re pretty and fragrant, but our enjoyment of them is short-lived. We know that cherry blossom time does not last long.  As the petals float in the wind, we’re sad at their fading beauty.  But deep in our hearts we’re also encouraged and also in a feeling of longing because we know this season will come back anew.
To me that is a metaphor for life itself, and the energy of a soul...specifically the life shared by loved ones together.  Our time together, in the end, is too short so we must somehow grasp each moment of that time and hold it before we have to let it go to the ages.  But there will come perhaps another season together as the energy that feeds life is renewed."

- Stephen

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